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Wooden Sunglasses


The eyeglass industry is increasingly allied with an ecologically friendly attitude. A few years ago the wooden sunglasses emerged as a trend and remains to this day one of the preferred accessories of modern man. It is certainly the right choice for who is looking for a classic and elegant look, because it matches mostly with all styles: business attire, streetwear, beach fashion, etc. It has a concept of exclusivity, since one model will never be the same as another due to the characteristics of the wood itself. Despite what many people think, wooden sunglasses are light and comfortable, they weigh the same as more conventional sunglasses, earning points for being more resistant.

There are historical records of models manufactured in China in the 18th century, being a material that was already the favourite among North American and Australian surfers because it is resistant mainly to water and sea. The trend that recently was sporting, today has conquered the world. These glasses are an innovation in accessories made with reforestation, demolition and/or bamboo wood, all prepared to resist humidity, sun and weather variations that could harm the product. This raw material, in large part, comes from scraps of certified wood and reforestation trees. The manufacturing process of a wooden glasses can be summarized in four steps: cutting the wood veneers; glueing; assembly process; fitting of the lenses.

Care of wooden sunglasses

To ensure the durability of your wooden frames, just follow a few simple steps:

1  You can avoid drying out the material by using a wax or oil suitable for wood periodically. Use a soft flannel to clean and never use products aimed at plastic and metal frames.

2  Also, take the same care you have with glasses of any material: do not leave them inside the car closed, do not use the glasses supported on the head and do not fasten them on the collar of the shirt.

3  Even if the wood of the glasses has been treated for contact with water, avoid wearing them inside swimming pools or the sea. The wood treatment is usually only superficial and sufficient to protect your frame from rain and sweat. Leaving your frame in constant contact with water can stew and warp the material.

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