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The Brand

Menswear, lifestyle & design

The Beginning

Contemporary men are keen to follow new trends. In 2015, Rafael Ralmez had the vision to create a space for sharing his experiences in the fashion world. His initial idea was to build a truly inspiring portal that would contribute to the growth of modern male culture. This was the origin of Trendy Dudes™.

Trendy is something particular that people follow until it passes – a certain direction or tendency. Like waves reaching a shore, trends are dynamic and ever-changing. For example, people living in different parts of the country have different styles, ideas and demands, so they buy different types of materials according to climate, area or society.

Dude means bro / mate. The word is used to call males, and formerly also referred to a man who was overly clean and well dressed. This slang arose in the American Old West around 1870. It was used by cowboys to call tourists visiting ranches and farms, especially people born and raised in cities.

The goal is to create opportunities that allow the furthering of positive self-image, truth, and entrepreneurship in collaboration with enthusiasts and brands that resonate with the same ethics. Today’s small business is tomorrow’s big brand.
We believe that style is about more than the clothes you wear.
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