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Oversized T-Shirts


Currently, we have seen several trends, driven both by the attention given by men to want some novelties in the fashion world and by the male freedom achieved by some of them. Do you remember the trending fashion of men’s crop tops? A fashion that caused a certain strangeness in some people and that after being accepted gained strength in the market? Yes, with the construction of the normcore concept on the catwalks one of the trends that stand out the most is the oversized men’s shirt. For some time now this style has been very successful in the world fashion scene, appearing in several collections of streetwear brands. With pieces in larger sizes than normal, the design is more “aggressive” and stylish, giving much attitude to those who wear. Oversized items need extra attention when composing a look. This ensures proper use, conveying the real concept of someone who understands this trend. How about getting to know this kind of style better?

To start the post I would like to point out that Oversized is different from Longline, ok? These are 2 terms that are being used a lot these days, but they are not the same things. Main difference: A Longline piece is longer, but narrower on the sides, tighter and an Oversized piece is bigger, with bigger sleeves, looking like you are one or two sizes more than you usually use, so it can be longer too (or not). I think that these two terms get quite confusing. The piece is a reference to the American style and hip hop culture in the fashion universe, as was the baseball style in clothes. The interesting point is that it’s a street style reviewed. The Oversized shirt and the LongLine are nothing more than a longer shirt than the traditional ones. Many brands have this type of products as best sellers. You can find it in: Asos, Boohoo, among others since they appeared on the catwalks.

T-shirts appear as one of the most popular items among the oversized style. With variations of all kinds, the concept is that they have length, sleeves, width and even collars larger than traditional pieces. In most stores, you can find models of different sizes and without prints, the majority being in black, grey and white, because the long shirt already draws a lot of attention by itself. The size varies a lot, some pass the knees while others cover only the top of the pants, but still give a highlight to the look.

For places where there are lower temperatures and not so informal occasions, there is always the option of adding a jacket. This will raise the level of elegance and style to your outfit. The jackets have been a lot of work by the brands over the last few years, boosting models such as puff jackets and the military mostly. Try a basic one, it is easier to combine, collars are disassembled, various sizes, with jackets for the cold and even with blazers fall well. And for those who like to vary and differentiate a tip super interesting is to buy shirts always with two numbers above, and ask a seamstress to decrease in the laters and sleeves, so you can have a variety of models of your choice and of course, well updated with the trends of the male universe.

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