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Men’s Streetwear

The original concept of Fashion Street and the visual skater comes from the 1980s. Both have been merging with many trends in the last three decades and influencing people around the world. When the Grunge style popularized in the 1990s, a huge fever of skaters emerged. In result, the line of ripped jeans with loose-fitting plaid shirts, ripped jeans and sturdy shoes became a direct influence of the world catwalks.

Streetwear outfits don’t emerge from the glamorous world of fashion. The inspiration behind it is a mix of different cultures and styles in big towns or great urban areas. While Grunge and Skate merged, Hip Hop style also started to have a visual highlight. The masculine outfit followed the same line and when it became very popular (in the late 90s) it presented fabrics and details that created a more synthetic look, shiny and strong expression.

Stamping is a strong characteristic of streetwear. The 1990s were a mark of search for identity in fashion and it is remembered as the last period of creation of a truly contentious group identity. This mark breaks everything that was known in all cultural issues. Socially the focus of everything that was happening back that time focused on the USA, once the whole style was modulating there.

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