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Braids for Men

The male braid is an alternative for those who are seriously following the lockdown rules and do not wish to shave the full head for now, but still wish to change their style. After the use of the top knot, the famous samurai bun style, several other hairstyles have been updated in the male world. The male braid was already a success among men in the ’80s, mainly by men with curly hair, however, the new versions appear with thicker braids, stylized and joined to the undercut and top knot. With longer hairstyles by the male public, several specific beauty products have appeared on the market. The modern man seems to take better care of his hair and to have a better appearance. The hairstyle often shows his personality and help to build his identity.

Do you have any doubts regarding how to use it? Then look at some of the more commonly used styles – if you have a machine at home you may need to get ready an undercut style for a better result:

It is important that the hair is of good length so the braid will be firmer and well done. For those who want to start in a simple but stylish way, you should start with the traditional braid – old, but gold (1). This type of braid frames the line that divides the undercut from the rest of the hair. Choose the side of your preference, separate a lock into three parts. Once you have done this, take the left part to the centre, then the right part and continue until you finish your hair. Over time it is very likely that there is a willingness to use other styles. The built-in braid (2) is a great option. First, separate a lock at the height of the hair where the braid will begin. Braid three parts normally, like the traditional braid. Then add volume to the hairstyle: hold the lock to the right and add a portion of looser strands. Join the braid and do the same with the left part. Keep repeating the process until you get the expected result. If you want to upgrade a bit more, you can do a cornrow design (3). Basically, tight braids worn close to the head. Separate the hair in several layers and assemble the braids according to your taste. The result is a modern and textured look.

1. Layered Braids The fuss-free spin on cornrows

2. Box Braids Add in extensions to give extra length

3. Double Dutch or Twin Pigtails The reverse French braid

Having a good knowledge of your hair type to perform these processes is extremely important. Remember that braids leave your hair very marked. If the hairstyle remains for a long time, it will be necessary to check its hydration and hygiene. We suggest not using them for more than 3 days.

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