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Bike Lifestyle


Biking as a means of transport is no longer something new for many years now. Some pedal by necessity, some by healthy option and others by the practicality that the bicycle provides. Nowadays choosing to ride a bicycle is no longer just a functional choice, but part of a person’s lifestyle. For some years now the airs of a quieter life have been taking over young people. Every day more and more cities become bike-friendly. London, for example, has become a capital with big projects for cyclists. As well as improving your quality of life, biking is also a step towards a more sustainable future.

I often see bikes as something that complements the male universe. Some prefer a more modern style, others prefer more vintage. You may have heard the expression Cycle chic somewhere before. This trend shows that cycling is not only enjoyable, it’s also stylish and attracts looks wherever you go. Bicycle and fashion have it all. Brands have turned their market to the attuned and conscious cyclist. With the popularization of the hipster movement in recent years, many brands show their collections in videos on a ride on a bike. Levi’s, for example, has run a very successful advertising campaign among sportsmen and bicycle lovers. Fifty years ago in the US, people had the idea that to be successful you had to have a car. Today, the modern young man wants to live close to his work and ride around the city by bike. But does everyone reflect on the benefits of using a bicycle, apart from the fashion aspect?


The impact of the bicycle on your health

See now 5 reasons why many are embracing this lifestyle:

1. Blood pressure Studies have shown that riding a bike often makes the heart more efficient, requires less effort to pump blood and thus lower blood pressure.

2. Lowering cholesterol A drop in the level of bad cholesterol frequent physical activity, such as pedalling, makes these particles metabolize faster.

3. Cardiovascular exercise Pedaling stimulates blood circulation making your heart healthier and the lungs are also grateful.

4. Less stress Pedaling provides the release of the hormone endorphin that is responsible for relaxation and also serotonin responsible for good mood. Research shows that pedalers are 50% less likely to develop a depression picture.

5. Loss of calories Because it is an aerobic activity that provides a great caloric expenditure, riding a bike has been a great ally of the diet for those who seek to lose weight in health.

There’s no age limit for having a bike. Of course, like any other sport, it requires a little preparation, but that comes with time. Just make sure you’re in good health by consulting an expert before you venture out. So choose your bike, enjoy your rides, go to work in style, invite friends and meet new places. You’ll discover a healthy and fun lifestyle.

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