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Men’s Accessories for 2020


Many men still think it is very complicated to dress well, walk-in style and be connected to fashion trends. However, there is nothing too difficult about it. What can I say to them? Be more open to the possibilities. Inside the world of fashion, you can find your true self. The modern man is looking to discover which accessories are closest to his personality and how to compose a look that draws attention in a positive way. I believe that accessories are no longer coadjuvants at the time you set up, as they provide different highlights in each outfit composition that you create. We all know that accessories, when well-chosen, can take the outfit to another level. We also know that if used wrong and without confidence can ruin the whole look in the twinkling of an eye. Today, our guide will help you with some valuable tips on how to combine men’s accessories to elevate your outfit right on point.

1  Nowadays there are several styles of bracelets: leather material, nylon, ropes, polyester or waxed cotton, metal, gold, silver, etc. Due to its versatility, it is an accessory that looks good with any look, being it more formal or with a more sportive touch. If you’ve never used, I suggest to start with one or two until you feel more comfortable with it. Once you know what to do and would like to explore a bit more mixing styles, fabrics and textures, keep in mind that you shouldn’t abuse the colours that much, if you wanna use many, try to maintain a pattern of tone.

2  But if you are not a big fan of bracelets, a watch is a great option for you. Watches are quite versatile accessories and popularly known as the jewellery of man. The use of this type of accessory is suitable for all different situations and places, as well as matching almost every outfit. You must pay attention to the choice of bracelet and size. Choose leather and basic colour bracelets to wear in any situation. But if your goal is to give a highlight to the accessory, try on a more eccentric model: play around with shapes, sizes and colours – digital, mechanical or the popular chronograph.

3 ▸ Rings make an immediate impact, so they are highly recommended accessories for those seeking to show personality. The options are varied and with uncountable themes. As it is something that attracts a lot of attention, start as suggested with the bracelets: try to use only one ring in one hand. With time you can try something more striking, however, I would not advise wearing more than 3 options. For a more relaxed and free environment, seek more expressiveness and attitude. For formal places, opt for the sophistication with modern and well made, but much more discreet finishes.

4  Glasses are indispensable accessories that can be used in any line of clothing. Charming, sophisticated and elegant. Perhaps these are the main adjectives that can be used to classify the power of sunglasses for the men’s look. The frames that follow the retro style are absolute successes today, as they unite a traditional style with what is a great trend. These options are the most versatile and fit perfectly in any look. Remember that sunglasses are essential if you want to add more style to your everyday life, besides, of course, they are also essential to protect the eyes from UV rays on sunny days.

5  Are you tired of using a tie or bow tie? An accessory that has become a trend in recent years and gaining more space in men’s fashion is the Collar Tips. This accessory is attached to the collar of the shirt and has its essence in the old west, where many cowboys use it. But now it appears in several styles and more modern formats, giving charm and elegance to those who wear it. They are usually presented in metallized materials with models ranging from chains to skulls, geometric shapes and in animal shapes as well. Also, they are very democratic and can complement looks for day and night. 

6 ▸ Unlike the curved brim caps, the flat brim caps are more recent and had much influence from the hip-hop and skateboarding crowd. The origin of these models was in the mid-1990s, as a variation of the curved brim cap. The design, besides the flap itself, can be differentiated by the seam and size. Because it is identified with a more streetwear style, the flat brim cap works best if the occasion does not require formality. An important recommendation is regarding the colour: if it has a print or is very colourful, it is more worth choosing neutral tones and plain clothes for the rest of the look. 

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