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Self-isolated? Things to Do


Yes, unfortunately is quarantine time. Schools are closed, tourist hot spots are shut down, concerts postponed and so many events have been cancelled. It’s extremely recommended to stay home during this time of global pandemic. We are in self-isolation. For those who hate being in constant boredom and risking getting into depression at home, we’ve compiled 10 suggestions to help make your time quarantined as productive as possible.


You can start giving a second chance to your clothes, it is an opportunity to rediscover what you’ve got and try different outfits with them. The second step is to divide your wardrobe in how often you use the pieces and accessories – it makes your life easier when you have to pick up something quick without making a mess. Stock up on hangers is a good idea as well – your outfits are more in evidence. Once you select all clothes and have an idea of what you want to give away/donate, ensure your clothes are in good condition.


Maintaining a healthy and awesome looking beard while you are stuck at home is not an easy task, especially if you normally go to a barbershop. A bearded man shows more credibility, but it’s no use having a beard and not having the essential care for it. Just like hair, daily cleaning is also required to keep a nice beard. Learn how to care for your beard during the lockdown period. Read more


I believe that many people – like me – are having sleeping disorders during lockdown. Doing YOGA can help with health benefits: improve your sleep, slash stress, lose weight, regulate your metabolism and increase your flexibility. Transform a quiet area in your home into a yoga space. Don’t know how to start? Flexibility is the key. Watch 15 minutes beginner flexibility routine video with Tom Merrick.


As a consequence of the measures taken against the Coronavirus pandemic, many cultural institutions are closed. Take advantage of this time at home rereading the books you read some time ago. Virtual access has become a vital necessity for those who are quarantined. Amazon has a selection of free e-books at the Kindle Store, incl. Harry Potter, a great option for those with children.


Another option is to learn a new language. You always wanted to learn another language, but at the same time, you keep giving the excuse that you haven’t had much time? Now you can’t use it anymore. Duolingo is a free learning platform and you can use it from a smartphone or tablet. Learn French, Spanish, German, Italian or Japanese. You have all the time in the world. Download it now.


You are staying home and you need a distraction, right? If you have a Netflix account there are thousands of possibilities for you there. We all have a list of movies that we normally jump while scrolling the catalogue, thinking that they are not worth it. But remember, never judge a movie before watching it or being based on someone’s impression. You will be surprised. So, what are you waiting for? 


Dust off that old instrument and practice, if it won’t bother your neighbours of course. Playing instruments can’t be that difficult. What people say is that it’s all about practice. If you have a guitar or a keyboard at home, but you’ve never devoted yourself enough to improve your qualities, there are thousands of video tutorials on Youtube for beginners or exercises to make you sound perfect.


Are you a karaoke lover like me? You should practice more at home during quarantine. Grab the first hairbrush, remote control or a real microphone and come with me. I think it is something that relieves the stress and you can have fun at the same time, especially if you live with family or flatmates. My suggestion is the channel Sing King on youtube. You can find new and classic songs in there.


Cooking is also a great option for those who want to relax a little. If this is a skill that you have already mastered, try to take more chances with different dishes or those that you always leave for later. But if cooking isn’t your thing, do some research, look for recipes on the internet and ask family members for help, if possible. This can become an enjoyable activity for everyone who lives with you.


Pubs and bars may be closed, but don’t worry, you can set up your bar at home. How about bringing a happy hour into the house with some infallible cocktails recipes that will keep your mind busy for hours. It’s a wonderful idea to get you through the lockdown. Give life to your favourite cocktails and enjoy the night watching a good movie, singing karaoke or listening to the best trends songs at home.   

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