Men’s streetwear

The true concept of Fashion Street comes from the 1980s and the visual skater, which in these three decades has been merging with many trends that were also influencing and being influenced, especially since the 90s – where Grunge was created and consolidated, and had the “BOOM” of girls skaters. With this, the line of wide and comfortable trousers with mini blouses and sturdy shoes became a direct influence of the world catwalks.

While Grunge and Skate merged, Hip Hop also drank from the same source. The masculine look followed the same line, and when it became popular (in the late 90s) it inserted fabrics and details that created a more synthetic look, shiny and strong expression.

The 1990s were the expression of the search for identity in fashion, and it is even recorded as the last period of creation of a truly contentious group identity, which breaks with everything that was before in all cultural issues. And socially the focus of everything that was happening focused on the United States, so the whole style was modulating there.

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