How to deal with your beard type

Everyone has heard that “A bearded man passes more credibility, seriousness.” Yeah, but it’s no use having a beard and not having the essential care for it to show something more, show style. The use of the beard has undergone many changes throughout the ages, but let’s face it, it has never gone out of style. I have been researching a lot about anything related to appearance, so I decided to share here how you can take better care of your dear friend.

A beard has this gift of radically transforming a boy into a man, and even I, who has a slight beard, I have some care that makes a lot of difference. Yes, life is not fair for everyone to be bearded. Just like hair, the beard is also applied through such, so a daily sanitization is required. Using neutral shampoo is a great request, especially for short beards (1), does not irritate the skin and keeps the wires firm. Conditioners give shine and softness to the hair, however, use them moderately so as not to have an oily beard. Also avoid getting your hands on your beard, especially if you have a larger beard and thick hairs (2). The sweat of the hands usually makes it more oily, with ingrown hairs and appearance of dirty. For this, I advise you to use a small thin comb and go to the bathroom to fix it. Some people prefer the more messy beard, a bit irregular / shredded, but it does not mean that it should be less treated. Larger beards tend to be more oily, and in some cases, dandruff may appear (3). In this case, it is recommended to seek a dermatologist for the use of medicine to help combat seborrheic dermatitis. Having a great appearance is a daily job and it must be followed strictly.

Some face shapes_____________________________________________________________________________________

It is a fact that not every beard matches the shape of a person’s face, for this it is necessary to have a sense of size and shape. Good maintenance helps a lot in choosing your type of beard. The more you adjust, the better.

1. Square-on-point [trimmed his beard, but complete, without marking in the mandibular region]

2. Inverted triangular [fuller beard to round the face]

3. Straight side hexagonal [almost beardless, uniform and natural, with undercut number 1]

There are several models of beard for each type of face, the important thing is that it never goes out of style, so it is necessary that you have kept a small machine to level the size you want.

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