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Trendy is something specific that people follow up until pass on, which is fashionable. They are like ocean waves that come to the beach from time to time. People living in different parts of the country have different styles, ideas and demands, so they will buy different types of materials, which is appropriate to their climate, area or society.

Dude means bro/man. This word is used to call male people, and formerly also referred to a man who walks excessively neat and well weared. This english slang appeared in the Old American West, around 1870. It was used by the cowboys to call tourists who visited ranches and farms, monstly people born and raised in towns, especially the inhabitants of the western United States.

Modern man tends to be more interested in new trends and to be concerned with the visual aspect. The initial idea was not to create just another blog for men’s fashion, with tips and looks, but a true inspirational portal. It is a fact that the alternative fashion scene is constantly growing up and many independent productions have contributed to this achievement. From this fact, we created the Trendy Dudes™.

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